-86 Squires-

86 Squires is a solo project of Producer Garrett N. Derhofer. Electronic music for musicians. Deep patterns and call and responses give these instrumental tracks an ability to relax and immerse yourself in the music. Take a listen and find the groove. 


Produced by: Garrett N. Derhofer

86 Squires is Produced and Recorded at Studio-412 in Candler, NC for Steel Penguin Records.

Electronic Sound Manipulator

With high octane live shows and intense soundscapes, Adam Bent-It is not to me missed. From Western North Carolina. his eclectic taste has heavy influences ranging from hits of the 70’s, to East Coast Hip-Hop, all the way to UK Dubstep.

All in the Trunk

Debut Album Honey Pie available everywhere!

All in the Trunk is best described as bluesy folk with an edge. Loops and synth lines are mixed with acoustic instruments to create a unique sound.


The debut album Honey Pie is the culmination of over a year’s worth of collaboration between Tom Osmunson and Garrett Derhofer.

Produced at Studio-412 in beautiful Candler, NC - this collection of folk/blues songs has been reimagined through the lens of modern music as well as classic rock. The project captures the essence of this unique region and it’s various musical influences.

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The Brothers Gillespie are a band native to Western North Carolina. Their influences range from Waylon Jennings to Black Flag, The Pixies to Kanye West, and everything in between. As such they create their own brand of folk rock n' roll that they like to call: Cosmic Americana.


-Dead End Parade-

Hailing from Western North Carolina, Dead End Parade is creating a new type of music. Honest acoustic music, plus heavy rock influences...Dead End Parade is unique to say the least! Give us a listen and let us know what you think.

A Darker Light (Physical CD)

Physical CD

A Darker Light: Debut EP by Dead End Parade.

Produced and Recorded at Studio-412.

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Vocals/Guitar: Jeremy Wade
Produced by: Garrett N. Derhofer and Eric Sarafin
Mastered by: Dave Collins

Dead End Parade

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Acoustic Studio-412 Sessions - Dead End Parade

Dead End Parade is Produced and Recorded at Studio-412 in Candler, NC for Steel Penguin Records.




Kleavage must be heard to be understood.  Deeply textured tones combined with amazing samples create a one of a kind sound.  


Produced by: Matt Kuver


-Naughty Nala-


Naughty Nala



Naughty Nala...

Named for Garrett's roommate's dog Nala (who at times has been known to get into trouble): Baltimore, MD based, Naughy Nala is piano-driven contemplative rock. Energetic and passionate: These guys rock. Their Debut EP "Someday" is available for digital download in pristine WAV files!


Vocals/Piano: Joey Fishbien
Drums/Backing Vocals: Dave Ginsberg
Guitar/Backing Vocals: Jessie Baker
Producer/Bass: Garrett Derhofer